Five Important Documents Your New Employees Should Sign Before They Start Work

When your San Diego business hires a new employee, it can be tempting to have them dive right in and get to work. Before they can get started, however, you must have them fill in and sign a few essential documents, such as:

Form I-9

As soon as your new worker arrives on-site, you should have them complete USCIS Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification). This document proves that they are legally allowed to work in the United States. While filling in Form I-9, your new employee will need to provide some personal information, their citizenship status, and one or two forms of ID. Acceptable identification documents include:

  • U.S. Passport
  • State driver’s license
  • Military ID
  • Permanent resident card (green card)

If you have any doubts or concerns about your employee’s eligibility to work, you would be wise to speak with a California employment compliance attorney before allowing them to start in their role. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the best steps to take to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

Form W-4

Before you can pay your new worker, you must find out how much tax you should withhold from each of their paychecks. You can find out this information by having the employee fill-in and sign IRS Form W-4. Once they have completed the form, all you need to do is enter their withholding preferences into your chosen payroll platform and file the document away for safe-keeping.

Should your employees wish to change their withholding information in a few weeks or months, you will need to have them fill out a new Form W-4 before making any updates in your payroll system.

Direct Deposit Authorization

If you plan to pay your new employee via direct deposit, you will need to ask them for their bank account information. To avoid any missing paychecks or other payroll issues down the line, it is usually advisable to have them provide this information in written form. They should also sign-off on a document that authorizes you to remit payment directly to their bank account.

Employee Handbook

A well-written employee handbook provides your new worker with an understanding of how your company operates. Should a serious problem arise in the future, this document can also provide you with a degree of protection from lawsuits. Before your new-hire starts work, you would be well-advised to have them read and sign-off on your employee handbook.

If your company does not currently have an employee handbook, you would be wise to get one as soon as possible. A small business attorney in San Diego should be able to help you put one together fairly quickly.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If your business deals with sensitive data or trade secrets, you may need to have your new employee sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start work. This document outlines the privacy rules that they must follow both during and after their time with your organization. Should they later choose to disseminate your company’s protected information, this document may be used as evidence against them in a lawsuit.

Your California Employment Compliance Attorney

When you need a business attorney in San Diego to help you onboard your new employees, there is only one law firm you need to call – the Semanchik Law Group. Our knowledge and experience will keep your company protected throughout the process. To learn more about our services, just give us a call at (619) 535-1811.