How much does hiring a lawyer cost?

Semanchik Law Group believes that quality legal services do not need to be cost prohibitive. After years of representing businesses, nonprofits and individuals, we have learned that clients want to get advice from a lawyer but are afraid of paying high legal fees. This often results in clients using cheap internet forms or DIY documents that don’t fit their needs and end up costing them more in the long run.

SLG takes the time on the front end to get to know our clients and understand their legal needs. By doing this, we are often able to create a flat fee structure for our clients that is fair and reasonable. We have learned that communication is key. When both the attorney and client take the time to communicate about their needs and expectations, there should be no surprise when the bill is received.


Flat Fee Pricing

Many of our services can be offered on a flat fee basis. This flat fee typically includes filing fees and can sometimes be paid in installments.


Hourly Fees

Sometimes the nature of your matter is not one that will allow for flat fee pricing. Maybe you have asked us to review and negotiate a contract or meet with your board to resolve a governance issue. In these types of situations, we will bill on an hourly basis.


Boiler Plate Agreements/ Legal Templates

Clients always ask us if we can give them a boiler plate agreement. We understand that asking an attorney to draft an agreement for you can cause some apprehension. What if the agreement is overly complicated or the attorney spends too much time and the contract ends up costing you too much?

We won’t give you a boiler plate agreement or legal template because we believe that it won’t serve your interests. The purpose of a contract or agreement is to plan for everything that might go wrong. This requires that your contract be specified to the facts of your particular situation.


What can we do instead?

Instead of giving you a template we will give you a flat fee basic contract drafted particularly for your unique situation. Changes to that contract will be done on an hourly basis. Drafting contracts on a flat fee basis requires that we bare some of the risk that drafting the agreement might take a bit longer than expected. SLG is okay with that because we believe we should bare that risk, not you. What we will ask is that you provide us with enough information at the get go so that we can create a flat fee that will be fair to both of us.

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