Business Planning

Business Planning

Business PlanningAt Semanchik Law Group, our business is helping you with your business. Sometimes this doesn’t look like the traditional lawyer client relationship where the client pays for legal advice or legal documents. Sometimes our clients just need someone to talk to about their business, someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to listen. We have years of experience helping people build sustainable businesses.  It all starts with business planning.

We offer business planning packages that allow you to meet with us in person or on the phone for a one on one planning session.

Alternatively, if you would like us to be available to offer advice and counsel on an as needed basis through email or phone, we offer consultation packages so that you can rest easy knowing you can put your attorney on speed dial without worrying about receiving an unexpected bill.

Unsure about taking on a partner?

Let’s talk about your options and evaluate the pros and cons from both a legal and personal perspective.

Questions about what to do with your business when you retire?

Let’s talk about where you see yourself in the next few years and what you really want. Then we can figure out your options for business succession planning.

Looking for advice on how to approach an investor?

Let’s go over your elevator pitch and talk about your potential investors. Then we can discuss what that looks like for your company and what legal documents you may need to make it happen.

Curious about cause related marketing and how your business can set itself apart as a socially conscious company?

Let’s talk about your mission and your ideal customer. Then let’s discuss all the many ways you can utilize cause marketing to create a mission driven brand.

Feeling overwhelmed and looking for advice on how to move forward with your business?

Let’s sit down and create a business implementation plan that will help you take action.

We offer Business Planning on a reasonable flat fee basis.

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