Hiring a business attorney can be a very overwhelming process.  When searching for an attorney in San Diego to represent your company, you should not settle for the first law firm that you come across. Instead, you should try to find one that is a good fit for your organization’s current and future needs.

When trying to decide which California business lawyer is perfect for your company, it is important to learn more about their:

Areas of Expertise

Before selecting an attorney, you would be well-advised to find out a little more about their areas of expertise. Ideally, you should try to find a law firm that understands the business that you are in.

For example, if you run a small business that mainly operates locally, you should try to find an attorney who represents other clients in the same boat. If you end up working with a law firm that mostly works with large international corporations, you may find that they do not fully understand your needs as a small business.


Fee structures are one of the most important things to check before signing on with a law firm. When asking about this matter, you don’t just want to know how much they will charge. You also need to find out more about how you will be billed and whether or not you will need to agree to a retainer.

Experience in the Industry

While searching for the perfect California business lawyer to represent your company, you would be well-advised to ask about their experience in the industry. You do not necessarily need to find an attorney who has been practicing for over 30 years. However, if you wish to receive expert advice from your new lawyer, you should probably avoid hiring one who received their law license within the last year or two.


Before hiring an attorney, it is a good idea to sit down and think about the services that you are likely to require from them. Will you need contracts drawn up? Do you expect to have a court case in the near future? Do you plan on forming a subsidiary company over the next few months? Whatever your needs, make sure that your new lawyer can fulfill them. If you don’t, you may just find yourself starting a new attorney search before too long.

Good Standing

Attorneys in California have public profiles posted on the California State Bar website.  When hiring a business attorney, it is important to check the attorney profile and ensure they are active, have no disciplinary actions taken against them, and the attorney is in good standing.  In certain circumstances, attorney misconduct may be listed and explained on the bar website.

Past Results

When speaking to prospective lawyers, you should try to remember to ask them about their past results. If they have a track record of success, they will be able to provide you with plenty of examples of positive results. If they are unable or unwilling to show you any noteworthy achievements, they may not be the best person to represent your company.

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